McAfee Internet Security 2013 review

McAfee is one of the worst avs out and can’t even stop a rootkit

You should start using CCE latest version 2.5.
I’ve seen you are still using 1.6.

And use it as your first option for disinfecting a PC (specially against rootkits).

Keep up the good work!

make sure you like my videos okay

I actually do! :-TU

And would like to see CCE 2.5 in action with your nasty malware examples after the AVs fail to protect.
CCE proved to be an excellent cleaning tool. And if you know how to use it, you even have fun when you clean PCs. :wink:

i don’t use ccs i only use comodo killswitch part to see whats going in the system and it takes a long time to make a video and have to deal a stocker that always dislikes my videos its because i don’t like avast, the av software that he is using

Now I am 100% sure that comodo is paying some nonsense creators money to create bad reviews about its competition products. This is such a downmarket stunt that comodo is doing, Comodo should be ashamed of themselves involving in such dirty and cheap marketing stunts.

Man, Comodo pay noone see all the tests about its competitor you’ll see how bad they are …

88)   Now I am 100% sure that McAfee, Inc. is paying some nonsense creators money to Reply #5 (c) [i]JackW[/i]. This is such a downmarket stunt that McAfee, Inc. is doing,  [i]JackW[/i] should be ashamed of themselves involving in such dirty and cheap marketing stunts.


create a good review, for example, of the McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

you will need a Firewall Tester

AWFT tries different techniques for gaining access to the outside World without being stopped by your Personal Firewall.


McAfee Total Protection

result: 1х9

no comments

listen buster i test avs fair and no i don’t get payed by them

Get your facts straight before blaspheming against COMODO.
What proves do you have in order to raise that serious comment?

nsm0220 hasnt even tested COMODO Internet Security.
He is testing all 2013 product lines from the most popular AV vendors.

Take some of your time and do your own review as nsm0220 and other users are doing, and you will see that COMODO DOESNT NEED TO PAY for bad reviews. See by yourself how other vendors are taking money out of your pocket, while COMODO provides superior protection FOR FREE. So from where COMODO will pay if provides a FREE superior product?

the only reason why i don’t test comodo is because comodo is awesome

I can’t agree more. When I first got new powerful laptop I was like hell yes! Speed! OMG! OMG! McAfee was installed as default security on my system and it slowed down my laptop by so much that it felt like I’m back to stone age. Never used it again. Never will. Rootkits are difficult to detect so only very good security software will catch it. Not McAfee.

What might be more suitable for testing CIS would be a usability test. It’s been shown time and time again that it can stop just about anything tossed at it, but over the years it has gotten more and more user friendly.

Thus, an interesting review might be one where you see just how user friendly it has become when confronted with Defense+ popups for malware.

Just a thought. ;D

Very true indeed.

i can’t test any avs for a while because my pcs cpu is acting up

Greetings all!

1st, I’d like to point out that I’m completely against scathing, baseless comment(s) posted by JackW (twice… & I hope no more will follow)
I’ve seen similar in other forums attacking nsm0220 and other testers. That’s not new.

I personally could’ve posted some critical comments regarding tests by nsm0220. I’ve seen them all. Believe me those comments would sound reasonable compare to the said example(s) … but I decided to refrain from doing that.

At the same time in order to stay on topic I have to note that

is empty worded groundless statement.

If you want to show the alleged “awesomeness” it would be fair testing it (Comodo) against the same set/strain of malware using equivalent methodology (if any). In case the latter can be done, it will be highly appreciated … plus it may drastically reduce stupid ugly “jackWs’” & alike posts here & there

Cheers all!

look SiberLynx the reason way i didn’t test comodp this is because cpu is on the firz grandmother is sick and dying 3. comodo is a strong av program 4.comodo haves a very strong zero day protection.

Thanks for the reply nsm0220,

Sure, you have to take your time and care about your family in the 1st place. Forget about tests for a while
CPU issues will be fixed in the future & that’s the last thing you should worry about at the moment.
As for

I hope I don’t need to repeat myself – all was said above – those are just simple statements, which cannot be considered as being strong arguments unless tested, proven in comparison with other security (specifically AV as mentioned by you) in similar environments

Take care.