McAfee dumps signatures and proclaims an (almost) end to botnets...

RSA 2013: Signature-based malware identification has been around since the dawn of the computer security industry, but McAfee has said it’s dumping the system – or rather, adapting it – in an upgraded security suite which will (it claims) virtually eliminate susceptibility to botnets.

McAfee’s malware signature database has grown to over 113 million core samples in the last year. But rather than using just that data to spot malware, McAfee has now integrated behavioral heuristics into its security code so that it can spot unknown samples based on their operating characteristics. The end result could crush botnets as a threat, said the company’s GM of network security, Pat Calhoun.

“We’re getting rid of malware signatures, all our systems now work on behavior and reputation,” he said. “Customers no longer have to worry about botnets; we will take care of that for them. We can catch things that no one else can in the industry.”

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Also: McAfee acquires ValidEdge sandboxing technology…

I dont see DEFAULT DENY there…

That’s right. I say too little too late. But at least they finally saw the light about AV signatures.

McAfee provide something similar to DD to the US Department of Defense/Military.

Looks like McAfee realized that signatures are becoming less and less effective. Now they just have to fix the resource usage on ram and CPU.

Can’t agree more. When I first got my new powerful laptop it was slow. I was like are you kidding me? After I saw McAfee IS… After I got rid of it… My laptop was a fighter jet :slight_smile:

yeah McAfee look like that someone needs to put it out of its big red light head

Saw this on youtube. They say they are switching to Block by default. I will post link.

That’s an interesting video. It looks like something I have seen before… can’t think of the name… :smiley:

… comodo perhaps? :o :wink:


Check your Programs and Features, it might jog your memory. :wink: