McAfee billboard spotted

This morning on the way to work, I spotted a billboard alongside the highway. It displayed the following (or very similar):

Introducing hackers to the idea of mortality.

McAfee. Killer Security.

Apparently they’ve been doing some of this type of advertising and creating (in their words), quite a “buzz” on the streets. Due to what they perceive as success, they intend to do more in 2008. They’re certainly seem to be trying to make sure everyone knows who they are… But in a recent trip to the computer store, I found they didn’t even stock any McAfee products. Norton, ESET, Kaspersky, yes. McAfee, no.


Hi Little Mac

I’m not a big fan of McAfee products, however I have got to admit that they are getting their act together. McAfee has been getting the coveted VB100 award since April now; during the December Virus Bulletin test big shot names like kaspersky, Avast, Avira etc… failed while McAfee won. Please refer to:

One of the surprise winners is Agnitum. They tested well in the matousec leak-tests for their firewall and now in the VB100 december test for anti-virus and spyware. I’m really impressed. I hope CAVS v3 will make news soon in the next virus bulletin test.