McAfee antivirus founder wanted for murder.


Antivirus pioneer John McAfee is on the run from ■■■■■■ charges, Belize police say. According to Marco Vidal, head of the national police force's Gang Suppression Unit, McAfee is a prime suspect in the ■■■■■■ of American expatriate Gregory Faull, who was gunned down Saturday night at his home in San Pedro Town on the island of Ambergris Caye.

Sounds really scary to me.

The article looks legit to.

What a Fail… 88)

So? Media these days… Scandalous. Have to put McAfee AV in!

Intel paid over $7B for that brand.

Well you can never know and you can never get it right. First they need to prove that he is guilty after all. Arrest don’t mean you are a criminal. I get that the brand of McAfee got hit badly due to this but it’s really stupid. It’s down to the product not some CEO. I bet somebody making a lot of money out of this story.

The only people that I see making money off of this are reporters and maybe the courts, if it goes that far.

Yes sure and other security companies. You get the picture?

That a rather weak argument…

First of all make it clear with whom you talk. Second of all what argument?

I am talking to you and why would other security companies benefit…McAfee sold his company for 7.7 billion dollars…he has nothing to do with the company at this current time

Alright you two. Take a breather and relax before things heat up.


A public image of McAfee will suffer a loss because of this they would lose money and other security vendors will profit on it. People study such things at university. Credibility is a key in this business. You can sell all you like he still have connection with McAfee. That’s the whole point. That’s why it’s in the news. Plus you and me don’t know all facts about this case. So let’s not speculate.

John McAfee says he infected laptops with malware, spied and stole passwords from Belize officials!

Read all about it: John McAfee says he infected laptops with malware, spied and stole passwords from Belize officials – Naked Security

Jummy. Did he say these computer’s laptop are remote controlled and that cams and mics could be enabled remotely? What would those videos show? :wink:

One thing is for a certain and that is that he is not returning to Belize anytime soon…

Indeed ;D