McAfee Antivirus + Firewall for FREE !

If someones intrested ;D 1 year free subscription :slight_smile:

;D ;D ;D

It changed already ? :o 88)

so no more free offer? i can ban you for spamming you know? 88) ;D

Ban Ban Ban, hihihihi ;D ;D ;D

I moved away from Mcafee… because its so rubbish. There is only one other application that is worse than that… Nortons.

norton 09 is realy good. every 5 min updates, fast scanning, light on resources, great detection, nice UI, and it just works great. What do you think is bad about norton?

Lol, i think he googles Norton is bad, and reads 2001-2007 reviews, but in fact, Norton is becoming more responsive to their customers, I used to view Norton as bad, too, but it changed…