mca64Launcher - FP

Product site: (.exe file)
Name of detection: ApplicUnwnt.Win32.GameHack.~AGS

Thanks for fix it.

Hi mca64,

Sha1:c8ecaf38dd23aeb26d28821f61ce0ae291c96b89 < ApplicUnwnt.Win32.GameHack.~AGS >

This is to inform you that the reported file is not a false positive.
If you intent to use it further,you can add it to exclusion list.

Best regards

Yes, its game hack (actually anty hack). Comodo doesnt allow this kind application? "ApplicUnwnt.Win32.GameHack.~AGS " doesnt sound good, especially if users see this on virustotal, first mind that this is kind malware.

Many AVs detects GameHacks, not only Comodo. I don’t think they’ll remove the detection.

Or disable the detection of potentially unwanted applications in CIS.

Some users are happy with potentially unwanted programs being detected by default where others aren’t. It’s borderline area where user will have to decide himself.

some user reported this
"I figured it out. My antivirus, Comodo Internet Security , has been blocking mca64Launcher.

And since I had it set to Game Mode it didn’t show any warning popup."

so its very problematic for all comodo users using my app.

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