maybe alarming news with regard to the TDL-4 infection?

The default setting will prevent the installation of TDL rootkit.
you have to do an 'offline' dump and compare

Thanks very much for these replies!

Hello. I’m considering your advice. Reading the instructions at the Truecrypt site…they say Win 7 users need to encrypt the entire drive windows is on due to that small system partition 7 creates.

I myself have 3 hard drives…I haven’t been able to make out if I need to encrpyt all of them or just the entire one windows is on. Also, I do dual boot Ubuntu…and that means grub has the upper hand in my boot.

So, wondering your thoughts on how that stuff I said above affects using Truecrypt.

Thanks in advance.

I think that would take a bit of reading as Truecrypt dual-boot is not something I have running.
Maybe this article is of some help

But please make sure you have a backup of you important data before starting to play with this as you could easily end up with a bricked system.