maybe a problem in BOClean memory scan [RESOLVED & LOCKED]

Hello everyone.
After few logging off and logging on the cfp.exe went down to 296 PID number (as you can see in the screenshot). After updating BOClean, BOClean is scaning the memory (I did it twice). CFP should protect against memory access to cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe. Now, take a look in the second screenshot, you can see that CFP didn’t log a memory access “attack” to cfp.exe. The PID BOClean number is 1900. Now, my question is what do you think: Does BOclean not scanning the files that logged before him to the memory, or Defence + failure?

P.S: I’m sorry if my topic is not connected to this thread.

Thanks. Liron Jan.

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Now, even on boot BOClean did not scan cfp.exe (and probably not the files that loaded before him).
He only scanned cmdagent.exe (that loaded after him).
As you can see in the screenshot.

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BOClean does it’s scanning of processes and memory before CPF is even loaded this includes CPF.exe which is scanned just as the process is started.

You can further protect CPF by going to the main CPF page Clicking on “Clean PC Mode” or whichever mode you have CPFs Defense+ Set to. A window will popup. Click on “Block all unknown … untill loaded”

The point is that you aren’t seeing CPF.exe in the defense+ alerts because the scan takes place before even CPF is loaded.


Understood, Thanks.