Maybe a little security issue ...

I think CIS is a really good programm. I use it since years.

But one thing …
Defensemodule doesnt reconize if a file (executable) gets changed through a patch. Defense did not ask again if that file is secure because it think it is the same.

It would be a great expansion if Comodo would do that. (like Kaspersky)


P.S.: Sorry for my bad english. Not my mother tounge.

Are you sure? Normally defense+ would notify that something unknown is trying to act upon a file.

CIS doesn’t work like for example Zone Alarm. Zone Alarm will do a Hash check when a file wants to connect to the web to see if it didn’t change.

With D+ you don’t need that as D+ will give you enough protection because you will be alerted if it would be changed. You probably ran the patch installer and gave it Installer rights.