Maybe a FP

Heur.Suspicious@19750095 location X:\Downloads\H\WD_Windows_Tools\Google\Desktop\ESN\setup.exe.downloading

Hi patrice58,

Thanks for reporting False positive
We will get back to you after analysis

-Chandra Mohan

This false-positive has been fixed. Please check in virus signature database 1199

No as it is still there @ database version 1203

Hi patrice58,

Mentioned FP has been fixed.
Please update your DB to 1232.

-Chandra Mohan

Hello Chandra,

With database 1380 it happens again. MD5 of the file is the same.
number of the message changed to 22853962

With kind regards,
Eric-Jan H. te A.
The Netherlands.

Hi t541hoo,

The False detection with mentioned signature ID 22853962 has been fixed already.
If you still got any false positive, please attach the particular sample here.
Please use the following link for FP submission:

Please always check with latest update.