may i run cis on demand ? i mean service and gui?

i have a laptop and with it and i’m seldom online
may i setup cis to run on demand

for example i codec a program that pings every x time to detect if i’m online and can run program and start service

well outside this , is there a way to run cis on deman only when i 'm online

thanks :ilovecomodo:

I would not suggest to try to “build” this.

If you have tuned the system to the extent that there are no more alerts shown, it should consume very little resources.
Setting it on-demand could cause baddies to slip for what ever reason (USB pen-drive etc)…

What would be the reason to build this setup and what parts of CIS are you thinking of using on-demand?

because i’m almost offline with this laptop
i use more to listen music and work with microsoft words
i mean i’m online 10 minutes in 3 or 4 days
so i think i could turn off comodo firewall

in onther laptop , i often online and i use comodo always

It could take you many weeks to remove the malware that is unleashed when, off-line, you spend 3 or 4 days of playing music and reading WORD documents that were downloaded in 10 minutes on-line.


I agree with Alan here, but if you are ONLY running firewall WITHOUT leak prototection from CIS the you are asking if you can disable the Firewall if you are not Online is that correct?

So you use an other Anti-virus solution? and do not use any of the HIPS (Defense+) features correct?