Maxthon support?

Why does VE-engine not work with Maxthon? :cry:

Make sure that your plug-ins are enabled and that the “check certificates/signatures” option is enabled. It’s been about three years since I used Maxthon, though, so I don’t know where you’d find said options, unfortunately.

It’s not much of an answer, I know, but it doesn’t appear to be a supported browser…; it’s not listed on the website.

You can certainly try amalgam’s suggestion, and see if it helps. IF I recall correctly, Maxthon uses IE"s engine, so perhaps it would work somehow…


Heh. Maxthon is nothing more than a shell to IE, if I remember correctly. It’s just an improvement over IE’s vanilla browsing “experience”. It offers tab support and a wide swath of security and anti-ad improvements, which is why I used it in the past.

But yes, if VE works in IE, it should work in Maxthon with no troubles. Just make sure your Maxthon is set to allow that kind of stuff from interacting with the browser.

I too would like support for Maxthon. There is no option in the plugin section to activate VE, and I’ve not found an option elsewhere, even though I’ve gone through every single one.

That’s correct, it doesn’t work. The combination VE-engine - Greenbrowser (a browser similar to Maxthon) doesn’t work either.

Both browsers are based on\use IE. So either they are “missing” something or VE-engine is.