Maxthon Browser Problem

I’m using Maxthon Browser and Comodo Firewall 5 for a while in my notebook. Maxthon.exe was initially automatically trusted by Comodo and I can browse normally. However, it suddenly got sandboxed and is treated as unrecognized file today.

Has the white list been revised or is there something else causing this change?

Did Maxthon Browser update right before it was no longer trusted?

Also, is the exe digitally signed? If so what is the digital signature?

  1. No update is noticed.

  2. The exe is signed by “Maxthon Asia Ltd”.

That digital signature does not seem to be in the trusted vendors list. Please request that Maxthon Browser be added to it (including the digital signature) by posting the name and a download link here.

But why was it trusted before yesterday?

It could be a bug. It doesn’t look like it’s been updated recently. See here.

If it was automatically trusted it should have been added to your own Trusted Files. Is it still in there or has it been removed? Also, when in the sandbox what is the response when you choose to “Lookup”? Does it say it’s trusted or unknown?

Could you try adding it to the trusted software vendors list by adding from its executable or running process?
I don’t remember for sure what it was but getting back a while I remember trying Maxthon and it clashed with some other security I was running, not sure what security it was though sorry. Good luck.

It is not in the trusted file list anymore. It is now “unknown” to Comodo when choose “Lookup”.

Maxthon just got andboxed suddenly yesterday.

I think there are some changes in Comodo’s cloud white list. May be the cloud white list is being revised.

It work fine if I manually put it in the local trusted file list.

I just hope there could be some formal notices from the dev. team if there are changes in the cloud that would affect normal use of my PC.

I just downloaded the newest version of Maxthon Browser 3.0. It was immediately sandboxed and was considered partially limited. Unknown software. I just deleted Maxthon instead of trying to use it. I trust Comodo and if they say it is not trusted then I don’t trust it. I was just going to try it out because I read that it was a pretty good web browser.


When you trust the download source you can safely use the latest Maxthon and add it to Trusted Applications list.

Lists of safe applications always run behind on newly released programs. Don’t let that scare you.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I was being just a little paranoid. May give it another try and not get so nervous and delete it. ;D


Paranoia in moderating will keep you vigilant but beware to only use a tiny amount of it… :wink: