Maximum to mean maximum

After installing Comodo Firewall + AntiVirus for Windows, and selecting “Maximum Proactive Defense (PDF)”, I found that it does not appear to be quite Maximum, as trusted programs are given outgoing Internet access.

I’d like maximum to mean maximum, and to exclude Trusted programs from having outgoing Internet access, and then to remember my consent when it is given.

I would suggest that the first time that Comodo firewall is run, a Wizard asks whether Trusted programs should have outgoing access (with an option to click through to the configure screen), and likewise other options.

This would give me the option to start Comodo with NOTHING having any kind of access, with me giving gradual permission.

You want the firewall to be at “custom policy mode”.
Firewall> Advance > firewall behavior settings>general settings… and set the slider to custom policy.
Custom policy is recommended for advanced users and will not use any white-list, all firewall decisions will be up to you the user…

At Firewall> Advance > firewall behavior settings> Alert settings… You can configure how precise rules you want to apply, ofc the more precises the more popups… I think High is a good setting… Very high is IMO overkill. But its up to you to play around and chose something that you like.

The rules that CIS has already created for you will be there unless you go and remove them/load an other configuration…

To remove/alter previous rules just go to:
Firewall> Advance > Network security policy

Thats A great suggestion… I would love to see some sort of wizard in CIS as well…

I think they are working on some stuff to make CIS easier to use and understand, version 4 (beta) is coming up late December (estimate). :slight_smile: :-TU

I moved it to the help boards as it is in first instance a help question.

Feel free to repost your usability suggestion in one of the Wishlist - CIS boards.

Thanks for that, much appreciated.