Max settings for Defense+, and CIS?

Hey everyone,

Before I asked my questions. I know we have a help for Defense+, and CIS firewall. I am asking for help with both. Would it be possible if someone could split the thread, so the Defense+ people can help? Or just talk about both in here?

I know what I was looking at was too complicated. I really want too follow the tutorial by Mr Brian. I don’t even know where too begin. I know I have an open thread on here, and Wilderssecurity. He was the only person to reply.

I’m going to ask the questions again. Are the similar tutorials then him, but easier to follow for CIS, and Defense+? I don’t remember what he said.

I don’t have the link for the tutorial. I’ll look it up then I’ll post back, so someone could point out a similar tutorial.

I believe that my article on How to Install Comodo Firewall is a good place to start.

Thank you so much, Chiron!

Would it be possible if I could follow that tutorial above with the latest version of CIS? Or I couldn’t execute my files that way anymore cause the tutorial is a couple years old?

By chance if we can’t execute files that way, has MrBrian came out with any other tutorials? Or would that be a question I have too ask him directly?

I believe I was reading the tutorial first without thinking.

I haven’t looked at his profile, so I’m not sure when he was last active.