Max logging /alerrting setup - and reset to "new mode"

Hello, I’ve been trying to learn a little about firewalls, Vista, networking and malware all at the same time. And I have to admit to being a little 'thick" - because I’m not finding configuring CIS firewall and defense + setup very intuitive.

For instance, right now I have chosen Comodo Proactive configuration, but adjusted Defense + to “paranoid mode” and firewall security to “custom policy” mode.

Would these settings be considered the “maximum security” maximum alert/logging configuration?

If I respond to a firewall/defense + alert - while in custom policy mode - will the policy incorporate my selection and continue being customized?

Thanks, I think CIS is on the right track, but for some reason, not too intuitive. Since I am learning, i don’t want any “automatic” decisions, I want to be nagged. And I also want to review detailed logging.

After I finish, how would I go about to resetting the CIS installation back to “just installed” status? In other words to all default settings, but with no “previously learned behavior?”