Matousec test

Is CIS v5.x going to be tested at Matousec?

I would most certainly think so.

CIS 5.x is still 100% … dont stress :wink:

CIS has already received a perfect score, so for the purposes of their test CIS 5.x would have identical results despite its many improvements. For this reason Matousec might not bother testing it again until they have a newer testing suite containing even more tests.

if they are serious, they must do it. it is not because the previous version is “perfect” than the newest is still perfect.

They are not serious since they pointed to the monkey* link and claim it is free software >:-D

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Comodo has to change the link from GET IT NOW

that’s what I have heard.

Valentin N

They did the CIC versus NIS test just last November.
The PDF is here…

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nice :slight_smile: what settings did CIS have?

If you go to the link you can download the PDF.
Basically, CIS was set to Proactive.