Matousec says: "Comodo Firewall not much better than others (2006/12/19 17:49)"

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I am scared to death. :o Please take a look at this article in the link. For now read a brief about it:

“We have finished the analysis and published a review of Comodo Personal Firewall Except its great ability to fight leak-tests, Comodo does not have a good security design and the implementation is also quite poor and buggy. Nevertheless, its final score, also because of its excellent anti-leak protection, is better than the score of ZoneAlarm and thus it took the first place in our ranking. Visit the results page for more information.”. Quoted from

Full Article:

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aeolis (B) (L)

if you look at the result of this work, you will see that they placed Comodo at the # 1 position :slight_smile:


Hello folks,

Dear Melih I am not saying COMODO is this or that! COMODO for me is the best firewall I have ever seen (and sooner the best antivirus and so on) ;). I brought that up because they pointed out some bugs and that is what scared me to death. :o
I am really concerned about bug fixes for that problems pointed there. That is my true concern! :wink:

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aeolis (B) (L) (R) (S)

You shouldn’t! :wink: The Comodo-people work hard, and the firewall is getting better and better for every release :slight_smile:


I understand.
pls take comfort in knowing that you are using the world’s best firewall and you have world’s best developers improving it.


Hello folks,

Thank you Melih!

You at COMODO are the BEST!

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aeolis (B) (J) (L) (M) (R) (S)

pretty flippant response for the CEO of a security firm. in essence this report seems to infer that all software firewalls are pieces of st and you seem to produce the highest rated piece of st (of which i use btw). i guess that’s something to hang your hat on.


Lots of people wearing lots of funny looking hats then, yourself and myself included. LOL

Now, if there was a Matousec branded firewall, I’d switch to that in a blink, but there isn’t. Matousec are excellent in what they do - analyse security architectures and products. Comodo are excellent in what they do - build great firewalls.

Some make doughnuts, some knock the holes in them. Not being dismissive of the technical expertise of Matousec, but which seems like the easier job? Building software within the technical restraints of the underlying operating system, catering for the myriad of variations that can and do occur out in user land, refining a user interface to meet the unknown expectations of users and keeping it performing at an optimum level and stable is not an easy task.

There is no such thing as the perfect firewall. Users are imperfect by nature and hackers have imperfect intentions. The knowledge gap between the two is ever changing and the protection layers employed must also change. CPF will get better. Whether it will ever get good enough to meet the exacting criteria of every security expert out there and still be usable by Mr. and Mrs. Average is another thing.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I think the point about the flip comments by the CEO is valid and worrisome too. I along with, other pointed out the OLE problems in both the release and beta… one of the comments in the beta thread was it is a feature. Yeah right! Matousec made this very same point… Comodo is not secure against maleware by any means and is really no better or worse than the other in the test lineup. Comodo’s FW is free and the reasons it is free has been made clear. And, there is nothing wrong with using it as a marketing tool for their other security products… except.

If Comodo, in the final analysis is no better than the rest, then what makes Comodo special (Rhetorical question)? Nothing really… yeah it has been built to pass the leak tests… but any HIP’s program will do that for you, as well as or better than Comodo, and without all the incessant nags… err sorry, “Features” that we ignorant users don’t seem to understand. Yeah sure, excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin…

For me I am done with Comodo… If you read the other security forums (Wilders, etc), the fan club elsewhere is dwindling for these very reasons. Comodo has an angenda they have made clear from the beginning. But the veneer is very thin and the only reason for the base they have is the fact that it is free.

What did it for me was the concerns I expressed was met with a plebeian response in the Ozzian “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” manner when certain things are brought to question.

Happy New Year!

As Matousec says : “Comodo Firewall not much better than others”.
this from my point of view, means the CFP is a little better than other firewalls.
It does not mean that is worst or equal. It’s better.
And if something is better (even if not much) of all the others that means that is the best!

ps. from Matousec Bugs are inseparable part of software products. There are many categories of bugs and many of them can not be judged without the knowledge of the context they appear in. By a clever combination of a few smaller bugs an attacker can cause greater damage than by an exploitation of a few unrelated bugs with a higher individual severity. That is why we think it is a good idea to describe every bugs separately and rate them without possible relations with other bugs and after then to describe all their possible combinations that lead to higher risks than single bugs. Descriptions of bugs categories follow. A penalty is set for every single bug category and additionally every discovered bug has its own unique penalty which is set in the context of the product it appears in. Then the total penalty of the bug is a sum of this unique penalty and penalties of all bug categories the bug belongs to.”

edit: please check this,4851.0.html

Interesting comments from people who want to create something out of nothing!

The bottom line is: We have the best firewall according to Matousec. As we all know nothing is perfect and Security is about making sure to be one step ahead all the time. So understanding that perfection does not exist, being the best is good enough!

Thanks to our satisfied users, the number of Firewall installations is at record high and keep increasing week by week!

I know this very much hurts our competitors and they will do everything possible to create rumours but it won’t work! People know better and they can read and see the facts!

Comodo is one of the best, if not the best, firewalls around and its free! Beat that our dear Competitors! (who are here to create rumours and false impressions about the success of our Lovely Comodo firewall)



I am surprised at your comments above. Could I please ask for clarification about what you mean with the above statements.

  1. you said:If you read the other security forums (Wilders, etc), the fan club elsewhere is dwindling for these very reasons: Can you pls show the dwindling and expand what those “very reasons” you mention pls, cos all I see is increasing number of installations on our systems.

2)you said: Comodo has an angenda they have made clear from the beginning What is that agenda you are referring to? The only agenda we have is to secure our users’ PC for free and gain our users trust for our brand recognition!

3)you said: But the veneer is very thin and the only reason for the base they have is the fact that it is free : Do you think likes of Matousec or Firewallleaktester are lying when they class as one of the best firewall’s in the world? Do you not think being one of the best firewalls in the market does play a “ever so tiny” role in our success. Surely there are many other free firewalls how do you explain that they have not got the success Comodo firewall has as they too are free?

I would be grateful for your feedback.


That is not the only reason! Other reasons that so many use Comodo Firewall is that it is THE BEST firewall out there! Tests shows that the firewall is the best, and of course users want to use the best software! And if you can get it for free…that’s even better!! But even if this kick-ass firewall would cost money, I am sure MANY would gladly pay for it! People actually asking Melih to have a donate-button on the webpage so users can pay some money for this great firewall! And another reason that have made the firewall so popular is this friendly forum…we all help each other, and the developers is hanging in the forum and helping users…and they really listen to our comments and suggestions! Not many other companys that is making firewall-software can match that!

So you haven’t got it right when you say that the only reason for the base is because the firewall is free!



Actually you summarised it quite well…
thank you.


is this Amway? (:KWL) and for what it’s worth i think Amway is a great free enterprise business model, though it’s supporters can be a bit manical in their enthusiasm for it. a bit like this forum!

more to the point, i hope the comment who are here to create rumours and false impressions about the success of our Lovely Comodo firewall) is not addressed to me. i am not here to spread rumor or discontent. i think your firewall is okay from a usability standpoint, and probably better than most from a security standpoint. though truthfully if Outpost Pro would work without BSOD with Bufferzone i would stay with that…but it doesn’t. btw congrats on being able to write code that seems to be low on compatibility issues, could you forward Agnitum the memo?

look i just want something to stop malicious intrusions to my box, i am not concerned with identity theft (they would probably want to give mine back) i just don’t want stangers running loose in my computer any more than i would want to come home from work and find 50 strangers having a bar-b-que in my backyard. to that end i believe that Comodo is up to the task. your response to the original post concerning Matousecs findings, struck me as a man (CEO) that was wearing his Marketing Hat, and not his Motherly Hat (for lack of better term). in other words i would have liked to have seen the CEO reassure me that in spite of Matusecs findings that Comodo Personal firewall would not let the bad people have a bar-b-que in my computer. strange but true.



Comodo is the best product around to give you that protection.
As for my statement: You will get straight, open and blunt answers from me. WYSIWYG! Matousec’s findings say nothing is perfect! And I agree with that… I will not wrap around marketing fluff and claim that we are unbreakable! However on the other hand I will also tell you that, its the best protection you can find paid or free!

So, use CPF and make sure to keep updating to the latest version and know that we are the best guys around to secure your PC going forward.


Hi Mike,

If you took offense at my “hat” comment, I apologise. I was only trying to inject a bit of humour, no offense was intended.

You’re right when you say that some members of this forum can get a bit fanatical, but I believe that this is mostly because they correctly feel that they are driving the development of the firewall. I believe it was Melihs intent to involve users in the on going development of CPF, and a large number of user suggestions have been incorporated into it already. Maybe the users are getting a bit fanatical because they are developing a sense of ownership in the product.

Comodo openly ask for criticisms and suggestions on how they can improve their firewall. Matousec have published their firewall report and I’m certain that Comodo have gone over it. CPF will get better, as will the other firewalls.

If you want to keep the backyard BBQ bandits out, get behind a hardware firewall as well as having a software firewall on your PC. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that combination is perfect either. :wink:

Cheers and hope to see you round the forums.
Ewen :slight_smile:

While people here seem to knock the firewall, they did not bother to link to:

Which shows the biggest problems with the firewall, COMODO team please fix this !!!

Software firewalls have an inherently hard time on Windows XP, the main reason for this is that people run as Administrator.

People want to run as Administrator, yet they want a stable firewall that is embedded deep in the kernel todo so. This is just not POSSIBLE. Apple firewall makers have it easy because you can easily run as a limited user and you don’t have to worry about messing around with the Apple kernel.

Running as Limited user (Assuming an up-to-date OS, LOCKS the Kernel, LOCKS your global registry keys and LOCKS your Program Files and WINDOWS Folder from file creation, editing and deletion.

Privilege escalation vulnerabilities are inexcusable, because even running as limited user may not stop that.