Matousec Review of earlier CPF cited bugs: What has Comodo response been in CPF3

In Matousecs reviews of firewalls he lists specific “public” and “private” bugs. I’m sure Comodo has made it a priority to correct these bugs.

Matousec was very harsh on all personal firewalls with few exceptions. The site obviously praises Comodo on the leak tests, but severely indicts personal firewalls including CPF2 on other grounds. Would somebody from Comodo like to take the opportunity to set the record straight and confirm the bugs listed are corrected?

The Matousec review is found here:

(Be sure to click on the underlined link near the bottom which lists “bugs.”)

we addressed pretty much all of them…

lets see the results when v3 gets tested…

Yeah, 2.4 is old. :slight_smile: