Matousec - Online Payments Threats 2 Comparative Testing

Matousec: “We have performed a second round of Online Payments Threats comparative testing. The first testing revealed that security unaware users using security products in their out-of-box configurations are, in most cases, not protected against malicious techniques of financial malware. This was the reason, together with the fact that several vendors have introduced new features to fight financial malware in their recently released solutions for the year 2013, why we have performed another similar comparative testing.”

Matousec: “For the second round, we have used the same set of 15 tests, but we have made some significant changes to the testing methodology assuming much more security aware users to be the target consumers. We have tested 10 Windows desktop security products and it could be said that three products succeeded this time, namely avast! Internet Security 7, Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 performed well. On the other hand, five out of ten products failed completely.”

See the complete report for more information about this testing:

Can’t wait to see Comodo Kiosk here :slight_smile: