Matousec Firewall Test Results - 2008

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Are you referring to this OA?

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What are you talking about?

Are you using V-Engine?

Your making no sense to me what so ever. We were making a joke on the fact that Opus Dein said AO instead of OA.

Comodo verification engine also can not verify is it OA…

Dude you are so not understand whats going on here. He made a typo. Instead of typing OA for Online Armor he typed AO. No where did anyone say verifying.

salmonela is ironic with OA and the authenticy of their website. :slight_smile:


at the moment, the only firewalls on what i can say they’re good products are the last OA build, the last comodo build and the last KIS build.
about others, i’m not sure of anything as i didnt test them.
now it’s user choice to use OA,comodo or KIS.
OA and comodo are free, there’s a shareware version of OA that i prefere than free version and KIS is a little expensive, it’s just my opinion.
but with those 3 products, users will have a good protection against malwares internet is full of.

You can take KIS out of the picture cause that a suite and not a stand alone firewall like OA and Comodo.

yes it’s right but u can test the firewall with the AV disabled.
but yes, they’re not in the same category in fact.

Please note this is a post done by a troll who adds no value to our forums

Please note this is a post done by a troll who adds no value to our forums

Now look here, buddy.

I have used CFP v2.4 and was quite happy with it except for the forgetting of settings issue, and I have been using CFP v3 since release.

I felt that under certain circumstances v2.4 is a better choice than v3 and I still do.

I wrote some very annoying posts to try to get my point across, but in the end realized that you can’t stand in the way of progress, and eventually it became obvious that Melih had a vision of far greater scope than I did.

The fact is that no matter how ridiculous my posts were, no matter how much some veered into the realm of flame-baiting, no post was ever deleted or edited, and Melih and his team has consistently responded with far more courtesy and respect than some of those posts deserved.

I would suggest that you compare the way Comodo’s forums are run compared to some other security forums out there, and I am sure you know which ones I am referring to…
Some of the posts you have made here wouldn’t last an hour at those other forums without mods lining up to either delete your post or change it, or even possibly deleting your account.

If the manner in which these forums are run doesn’t inspire a sense of trust for you in Comodo, then I don’t know what will.

It is quite possible you have taken my quote out of context, but for the record, I am 100% in agreement with the sign that this little dude is holding:


there are rules made by the admins for each forum.
admins got rights to do absolutly what they want, they can delete your post, delete your topic, ban u, delete your account,etc.
like u say, in some forums, admins respect nothing and delete what they want if they’re not happy with the post.
it’s normal to delete parts of posts when they’re insulting people with a color that is not the same as the poster or religion, or very bad words, then a respectable and credible admin will advice the poster that those comments are not welcome on the forum, and if the poster continues to post things like that he’ll must be banned from the forum.
but the problem with people is when u give them power, they feel like they’re controlling the world and their role of admin looks like more to a dictatorship than a democracy.
they don’t touch the ground anymore, and that proves that he’s not at the right place, he doesnt have the qualities to be a good admin, someone tolerant, intelligent, with cold blood, and use his power only in moments where the poster is insulting people or using very bad words.
but those kind of admins seem to be replaced more and more by idiot dictators that just like to show who’s the boss.
in 9 years of IRC, i never banned anyone, i even have a big clash with other op cause there was an auto-ban on some people that stayed for long, so i was so angry about this attitude that i get banned too. but was no long cause we’re a little crew but cause of my bad temper i decided i never came back. but after some months, i joined again then after a long fight about this auto-ban, i choosed not to talk about it for 1 month, 2 months, then paf! fight again, then nothing for long time, then same subject again, so one day this stupid auto-ban was deleted.
the crew is so little that if we cant agree and find a solution for a so little chan, imagine the mess when u got a chan with hundred of people. this stupid script banned the man when he joined then the ban was deleted after some minutes, like that, each time the man joined, paf he was kick-banned again. but after a so long time this stupid joke was active, we had to resolve this prob by talking a lot then now all is fine. i understood why my friend banned my other friend on the moment, but he decided that it was permanent and as it wasnt my bot, there’s nothing i could do. it took very long time to change his choice, but they are like 20 years old difference so i thought the experience of the older one would change something and that he would delete his rule, but it seems he was very angry about the things the young one said. sometimes, i let my young friend connect to me to join the chan with my ip, so the choice was to ban me as we’re all together in this chan for so long that we’re like a little virtual family. 9 years of virtual relationchip, connected 24/24H, with max 7 real people+5bots, all op. it’s look like a little democraty, and we rarely got visitors anyway, and as the irc servers we choosed to migrate after dalnet troubles had years ago with DDos attacks so the servers were unusable, lagging as hell, so impossible to continue there. but now, on those servers we are, there are no services at all. no nick registration, no chan registration, so to keep the chan under control, it’s not the same story. but with various shell box and connected with differents ip, and to know who are who as bots reply to people with sentences they learnt from us, it’s not easy to guess who is who, but when people begins to talk with a bot, i dont let him talk to a script and laugh on his face, cause on any word, sentences reply have no sense with the start of the discussion.
anyway, there are never probs, except some morons that forced a friend to use a different ip. cause there’s no crypted ip, so u’re not safe, but servers are always on and fast, slow lag, but full of lamers with a list of zombies that could kick me out of the internet in a minute.
anyway, we never kick people for fun or stupid things like that.
we’re just the chan of a newsgroup but we never talked about our chan and never told where we were located to avoid the visit of lot of people that would eventually force us to clean chan from unwanted lamers that are a lot more than u think.
and to integrate a team where people know eachothers for so long is almost impossible.
and to trust someone as we’re almost the same team for 9 years would take so long for the new visitor that he stays never very long, especially when we talk in key mode crypting the text that is just a suite of various characters that means just nothing at all like when we type hello, the visitor see something like +3eDfTT"#kk, so it’s not easy to join us, and when people asks for some warez thing, it’s a bad start. no hello, no please, it’s like someone enters our virtual home and take us for their servant.
but anyone can join and talk about anything he wants, asks for anything, except we reply if we want but we never disrespect people and kick them or ban cause we’re the boss.
we just clean bots, but no lame attitude cause we’re admins. and unfortunatly, that kind of attitude can be see in a lot of various forums or servers or chans.
and comodo forum is a place where lot of posts are tolerate even if it’s to talk bad about comodo.
so i’m totaly agree with axl, comodo forum is a place where users are respected, not like some others forums u don’t even need to name, cause we have an idea about which ones u refer to…

You are a good writer.

I have been studying the Matousec firewall ratings and wondering why ProSecurity 1.43 was included in their testing since it is a HIPS security system and not identified as a firewall by the developer.

Can someone enlighten me? Can it be used instead of or along side of a firewall? Is it as good as a firewall?

it’s more i talk too much for nothing…
but when i’m in my history i keep writing and then when i see my post the day after, i wonder why i posted all that stuff that no one cares at all…

Comodo Firewall Pro 100% / 62 10+ Excellent – 100% Online Armor Personal Firewall FreeFREE 100% / 62 10+ Excellent – 100% ProSecurity 1.43 93% / 62 10 Excellent Outpost Firewall Pro 2008 6.0.2302.264.0490 91% / 62 10 Excellent


wow im proud of using comodo :slight_smile:

thank you comodo FW