Maths begat coolness

Cool maths!!!


That is amazing!

I’m more amazed by this than I was when I first saw Seam carving a few years ago. (Which is also very cool maths…)

Indeed! Thanks (I’m reading each&every “panicking posts” ;D)

Sorry for the delayed response

HeffeD reminded about another one, which is great as well, but “Seam carving” is quite known and being implemented in several graphics Software
So basically I was late since trying to test SmartBlur App… & I failed no matter what
I am not talking about some GUI imperfections + weird reaction of a program to any touch of any option, where it starts to render ASAP ??? Main thing is I never got a result file somehow
Sure, that is a matter of contacting the developer & I will
Just curious whether you were able to get it work?

Cheers guys!