Master setting to prevent Comodo from uploading files (to cloud, etc)

In another thread I asked if there was a way to completely and permanently disable all of Comodo’s features which might upload files (or portions of said, hashes of said, etc):

The response was “no, you might submit a wish…”. So I’m here to suggest that there be one master setting that will disable all of Comodo’s upload features including the “submit files to Comodo for analysis” options in alert dialogs. This would (should) make it simpler and more reliable to eliminate the risk that Comodo will inadvertently upload sensitive files or related information that the user wants (and/or is legally bound) to keep out of other peoples’ hands. It would not (should not) reduce the existing level of control over such features.

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Since the only valid reason i can think of for desiring this is proprietary code developers and other code designers this is an option which should likely be added to industrial versions of comodo rather then the freeware editions or general home use.
After all malware/adware/virii coders would LOVE this option so force them to pay for a corporate license.