Massive Network Logging

Sory, I’m a bit of a newbie on comodo (and firewalls in general), so I’ll just ask a question in hope that someone wil clear this up for me. I’m geting a massive network logging (every few seconds or so) for inbound policy violation on UDP incoming protocol on my opened router port when using bittorrent. From diferent IPs, of course. That started to happen a few hours ago and I didn’t change anything in my firewall settings. After firewall installation I just allowed everything it asked me about my bittorrent client, my opened router port and also some other ports (?). Now, am I posting a stupid question, is that logging stuff normal? I saw that someone suggested around to turn the logging off. I do not want to do that if I don’t have to, it just doesn’t sound like a reasonable solution. So please, anyone?

hello i can say when u first download comodo firewaqll its going to ask u for promishon to exsept what u have on your computer its asking u to exsept it or deny it well if u like downloaded like yahoo messenger for the first time its going to ask u for permishon to ackses the network so u would allow it to go threw but check mark the box so u dont half to keep exsepting it and get confuzed and do so for enything u download for the first time but be carefull what u download u might exsept a script a bug or a file that will impliment your firewall but after all that is downloaded if u get a pop up saying its asking u to exsept something u dident ask for deny it and go into the firewall and put a block on that but if u click like messenger everytime you go to log in then its ok but after all thats loged in after log on then dont exsept nuthing unless u know what it is u can contact me on yahoo messenger @ harry_markee worning i have ytunnel so i may notr get your ims as fast u can have a code sistem to do if u get what i mean @@@ will be like im talking about (:KWL)

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You might check out this link, for configuring p2p applications:,6167.msg45504.html#msg45504. This is a locked topic, so no replies will be there, just explanations. The bold red headings are links to each original topic, where you can ask questions as you need.

There are some specifics for utorrent that you may not have set up properly.

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