Massive lost of internet speed

Hi, recently I installed the latest version on a XP, SP2 machine.

After a long and distressing experience with NortonIS I was really pleased to find a comprehensive and quite efficient Firewall.

Unfortunately I noticed that my internet speed i.e. the download rate massively decreased and after trying every other option I decided to uninstall the Comodo FW (turning it down was tested as well but to no avail).

I am connected vie DSL 6000 which is a 6000 kbit/s - with Comodo installed I had a download rate of about 2400. After uninstalling it the rate jumped up to the normally experienced 5500 - 5600 kbps

I am using LAN with a Realtek 100/10 card and a D-Link 624+

Can anybody suggest a solution? Otherwise I’ll have to stay without a FW and depend only on the Windows FW (which doesn’t affect the download rates as wellas Norton FW didn´t) and on the router´s…


CFP3 has negligible speed impact on most users unless you turn on some of the automatic packet analysis features. I am using it under Vista with DSL3000 and notice no difference in download speed. Some things to take a look at: Under firewall/advanced/attack detection settings make sure that “protect the arp cache” is not checked. Under miscellaneous, make sure nothing is checked. Under behavior settings/alert settings make sure that “this computer is an ICS server” is not checked. Under D+/advanced/Image Execution Control settings, settings should be “normal” and “exe only”. Under Defense+ settings/general settings uncheck “block all unknown requests if the application is closed”. Under miscellaneous/settings/update nothing should be checked. What site are you using for your speed tests. If we can figure out what is slowing you down, then you can turn some of these on as desired.

Thanks for these numerous clues!

But first I’ll have to make the decision to install Comodo again…

I have been using this site to test (in German only I’m afraid)

( there are some options to try)

and I have been downloading from the standard and fast server of Deutsche Telekom a bigger file to test the speed:

It`s usually been recommended by Telekom which is my ISP: T-online Software 6.0 - 170,17 MB

And a couple of other programs - always with the same result - 2400 kbps…

I got all packet analysis settings turned on and still no impact on my connection speed (until 18 Mb/s) Actually I got all other settings that you mention, Sded, turned on as well (:WIN)

Sounds good, Leopard19-just the only things I know of in CFP3 that look at packets on the fly and could slow things down. Milen, your speed test gives me very unusual results-download rates are much too high (higher than synch rate) uploads are much too low. The test file downloads for me at full DSL speed. Try this site: . If you reinstall CFP, we can go through the setup and rules and see what shows up in the log. We also seem to have a significant number of bad installs with Comodo 3, for unknown reasons. Ich spreche nur ein bischen Deutsch; es tut mir leid. :wink:

The whole thing is quite a mystery to me…

But the fact remains - Comodo was the culprit - as soon as I uninstalled it - the download rates went back to normal. And we are not speaking about a minor deterioration - it went down to nearly one third of the norm…

OK, sded, I appreciate that! I’ll let you know as soon as I pluck up some courage to start it all over again!

(It took me a whole day to circle the problem - I even called a technician from DTelekom to test the connection in my flat - and had to pay for his visit as his measurement proved that the ISP is delivering a signal at a correct rate (they had warned me beforehand that I would be charged if everything is OK at the entrance of the router…) - so I have to gether my nerves first… :wink: )


Other questions-what other security software are you using? There are some proxy types that seem to slow things down with Comodo also installed. And did you use the tool on the Norton site that completely uninstalls it? There are hangers on that seem to interfere with other firewalls if you just uninstalled it through Windows. I think it’s the one at , but I abandoned Norton long ago.

No other security software. No proxies. Clean Windows installation and CFW into it…

By the way (I don’t want to complain all the time about CFW, believe me - I did like the program very much) - after uninstalling it (the Agent is gone - not any more in Services etc.) there still remain a lot of keys in the registry that will not let themselves to be deletet - e.g.




edit the keys properties and grant yourself admin rights on them, then you’ll be able to delete them.

That was a good one! Thanks!


I have the same problem. My internet connection almost come to a stand still if CFP is enabled.
As soon as I disable the firewall everything is back to normal.


Doesn’t that key have something to do with CD ROM?


i’ve got the same problem with a high decrease in internet speed with comodo v3
first i suspected windows xp sp2,so i began with a clean start, i reached speeds of 18000kilbits/sec
after installing the comodo firewall the speed drops back to a max of 13000 kilobits/sec

Disableling the firewall did not bring a solution.
Removing the firewall completely was the solution the speeds came back.
In services i can not stop the comodo services so i can not test it, if it is the services that gives the trouble.
" comodo firewall pro helper services’

I tried the solutions which were give before.
i was happy to leave the zonealarm firewall behind me.

antivirus is avg

Have you tried the lastest version? Comodo has never slowed down my browsing. After all there is no web shield.

yep i’ve got the latest version I’ve been at this problem for days, never thought it was the firewall.
Because when you shut the firewall down, the internet speed did not increase.

I tried the linux knopix live cd then i figured out that it was not the hardware but the windows drivers < not
I was sick and tired so i reinstalled winxp sp2
speed is good,installed comodo firewall speed when down,
i shutdown the firewall did not help.
I removed it and the speed came up

i’ve got a question : how do i stop the comodo services because all buttons in the services tab are greyed out?
still figuring out what it could be.

Rjf, are you running Steam at all (Valve’s software distribution package - for games like TF2/CS:S etc)? This is EXACTLY what’s happening to me and only started around yesterday. Exitting out of steam fixes the problem. If you don’t, try exiting programs one at a time with CFP running and retesting your net each time you close a program (cmd → ping would be the best way to test this).

I removed the comodo firewall and the speed when up about 18000kilobits
i felt naked without a firewall, i installed zonealarm pro the speed drops even more it drops all the way to 8000 Kilobits/sec.

This is really strange, and i think i move on to the nforce forum because , i think this has nothing to do with both firewalls

mainboard is ASUS P5N32-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX
driver nforce downloaded from guru3