Massive HDD-RAM utilization

A Hungarian user wrote this:

The new 3.9.95478.509 CIS several times - after like 2-3 hours - eats like 200-300MB memor and using the HDD a lot (noise i guess - Arkangyal). He switched off the AV and Defense+ modules but the same happening. When CIS doing this all programs running slower for like 5-15s.
CPU: Intel E8500

Any ideas?

How about automatic database updates?

sounds like more ram is needed. sounds like lots of swapping to the hdd. or increase the page file and make it static. then defrag using perfect disk. but in the end it sounds more ram is needed

might be a scheduled scan?

If AV and Defense+ are both disabled, definitely not CIS causing this.

Sounds like it, but static page files do nothing. You know that, right?

More RAM :o? I thought that the system in question had 3GB

What other security program are running in the background that may interfere? What happens when there are disabled?

yeah. didnt see that before. that should be plenty

What about your background-running app’s?
Maybe background running defrag or some other anti-malware scan?