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We are having a big problem with Comodo on our network. We recently made the switch from Comodo to Kaspersky on many of our systems, and as such, we removed Comodo from these systems. Not all of our systems are receiving KES, and we wanted to keep Comodo on these systems as our A/V and Firewall protection. However, the issue I am about to describe is forcing us to make the decision to remove Comodo from all of our remaining systems, and we had to blacklist the domain until a fix is found.

Some of our client computers that were running Comodo were performing mass downloads from I don’t mean several hundered megabytes, I’m talking tens of thousands of megabytes daily (25-50 GB). We had to make the decision to remove Comodo from our remaining systems and install another A/V tool on most of them because these downloads were causing our ISP to throttle our traffic.

Here’s where things get a little wierd. After removing all Comodo software from these computers, they were still downloading gigabytes of data every day from This is also the case with computers that had Comodo removed in favor of Kaspersky. We confirmed with our users that they are not using or downloading files from Comodo knowingly, and our ISP has also confirmed the traffic as well. Because removing the software did not fix the issue, we have now had to blacklist the Comodo CDN entirely from our network, which means that even users using the popular Dragon browser can no longer download it or receive updates from our network, and this is one of our more popular browser choices at my company. Since Comodo applications can no longer receive security updates, we have had to effectively ban Comodo from our systems entirely.

Has anybody ever run into this problem? I cannot think of a legitimate reason that downloads would be occurring without the users’ knowledge from Comodo, especially if there is no Comodo software installed on the machine. If a viable solution is not reached I will not be able to recommend Comodo to anyone as a free A/V and firewall since we will need to prepare fresh Comodo-free images for every machine on our network that has had Comodo installed at any point.

Are there any removal tools to purge remaining files or services left on the system by the uninstaller? Or perhaps someone else has noticed this issue and found a working solution other than a re-image? Thank you in advance for any assistance with this matter.

Hi metalseargolid,

I know this issue, we have the same behavior on a few systems in our network.
When I notice this happening I also notice that the AV database is not up2date on that affected system, only rebooting and forcing a ‘check for updates’ makes that system stop to massive repetitive download the AV patterns.

I don’t see how such a system can still cause downloads when it’s uninstalled.
Can you do the following, download process monitor from and run a trace on such a system to see ‘which’ process tries to access Comodo’s CDN server(s)?

I have the same problem and nothing helps. I mean even after forsing update I have a huge traffic to

This post in Comodo AV Version 5.12.256249.2599 Won’t Update may shine a light and offer a workaround when using v5.1x.