Mass Mailer Alert On All Emails Sent

Wondering if anyone else is getting the same problem, before I contact Support? I haven’t seen any mention of anyone having the problem, so it may just be my PC (and so, my problem).

For every email I send and only for every email I try to send, the CAV Mass Emailer Alert is popping up saying that the “application is trying to send mail without your interaction. It may be a Mass Mailer Worm.” (If I accept the default option, the email goes through.)

If I de-activate the Mass Emailer Alert, there are no such pop-ups when I send emails … nor, so far, at any other time.

WinXPPro SP2, Thunderbird, CPF, CAV (Virus DB

Anyone else?

I am getting the same problem - very annoying. Anybody have a fix?



I was having that problem too, I contacted Melih, and he told me to send the Thunderbird.exe file to them, they got back to me saying it was a legitimate file, then I told them that CAV was detecting it as a mass mailer, haven’t heard back since, but for some reason I don’t have this problem anymore.

I was having the same problem these past few days. It was telling me that my bit torrent client which is Utorrent was sending unauthorized e-mails and I was getting the “mass mailer” alert as well. It did give me the option to stop the program from doing this. I had CF stop Utorrent from doing this, but had to tell it 2x. I haven’t had those warnings since. Thought it was odd that all of a sudden I was getting these warnings. I see I’m not the only one who was affected.

Having similar problem with CAV and Thunderbird. Went to CAV Email advanced settings and unchecked alert me if any applicaton is trying to send without my interaction and checked alert me when mail sent to 5 or more receipients instead. Works as a temporary fix until CAV recognizes Thunderbird.

Same problem here.

utorrent apparently trying to mass mail. seems to happen after a random amount of time and sometimes it doesnt happen at all. it’s only been happening in the last few days as far as i know.
strange :-\
also a friend has reported some strange stuff happening when using the mybittorrent website/tracker, file sizes being different to all other sites with the exact same file,etc.
i dont know enough about this sorta thing to know if its valid or relevant info but thought i’d pass it on.