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I have to say that this is now my fourth attempt at using Comodo Internet Security (the free one). What I wanted was a simple program that would ask me about each program that wanted to connect to the Internet. I’m pretty sure that’s even less than what a full-fledged firewall does. Searching the web yielded articles on the Vista firewall (I have XP64) and links to Comodo.

I am sick of the marketing mumbo jumbo; defense this, security that, policy then, proactive security thread detention algorithm now (seriously, what the hell does “stateful” even mean?). The first installation of Comodo didn’t last one second, because it let everything connect to the Internet without asking me first. Then I went searching again, dreading to have to go back to Zone Alarm, which I new would nag me with all the questions I want. Everyone else at work has Karspersky and they hate it (I’ve yet to install it; I couldn’t care less what my work computer is doing).

I ended up with Comodo again. I tried to stretch my short fuse as far as I could and try to find how to tell it to ask me about each program. I got lost in all the pretty icons and “policies”. I try “training mode”, which apparently is the exact opposite of what I want. I don’t want to define allowed and blocked programs one by one, ■■■■■■! So I uninstall it.

I tried Zone Alarm, but it doesn’t work on XP64.

So the other day I was installing some software and had some time, so I figured I’d put Comodo on my Laptop, and go on the forums to try to find out how to do what I wanted. I’m a firm believer that having to go to the forum to try to do something this simple either means the user interface has a horrific design flaw, or the user is a moron—you guys can make your own judgement; I’ve made mine.

Anyway, so I get it to ask me questions. Great. Except that it’s not just about connecting to the Internet, but that’s okay. For now. Once the main computer is done I install Comodo on it again, this time with the anti virus as well, because Symantec “found” one the other day and didn’t give me my computer back for about half an hour.

I test it with Firefox—good, it’s asking for permission. Even though it says it’s trying to connect to Whatever.

But then I have to go back to the forums to figure out how to see a list of what I’ve allowed and blocked in case I change my mind later.

Now I’m getting fascinating questions like, “javaw.exe wants to access memory that belongs to javaw.exe”. Gee, really? Maybe I should block it. Sure, it’s probably not the same process, and that’s why it’s asking me, right? Why don’t you put a PID or something there? I get asked about every service, too. Interesting information, don’t get me wrong—but all I wanted is to be asked about connecting to the Internet. Apparently this is impossible.

Moreover, when you do get asked about connecting to the Internet, the depth of resources made available to you is a complete joke. If you give me an IP address, why can’t you link it to a tracerouter or something, or try to resolve it?

I also had a hell of a time updating the virus definitions the first time. It got stuck at 30%, chugging away at the network. Then I cancelled it, went back, and it got stuck at 0%, (with no title bar on the window), then eventually told me I had to reboot to have the new definitions take effect. Let’s not even go into what I thought of that. After rebooting I was told no update was done, so I did it again and it worked. Go figure.

In summary, it seems to me that Comodo, along with the likes of Symantec and whoever else, design their user interfaces to be a mutant marriage between pretty words for idiot users and technical information for IT guys. The result is terrible. The layers through which one must peel to get to the heart of things is in the wrong order. True functionality is hidden behind fancy words, and simple functionality, like tracing an IP more easily, doesn’t exist. Hell, you guys could run the tracing website and put ads all over it, and show me where the culprit lies on the map.

Speaking of ads… Yes, this is free, and yes I’m thankful for it. Had I paid for it, my tone would be even worse. I guess because I ended up installing it 4 times I was pretty peaved about the toolbar and home page check boxes. You know, there are people out there that respect software that doesn’t bleed icons all over your desktop, and doesn’t try to offer you things you don’t want. If you were invited to someone’s house you wouldn’t go get a ■■■■ and sit on their couch in your underwear when you first get there, would you?

I tell you why Infiniti sells cars. You go and take your 1992 Nissan Maxima labeled as an Infiniti for an oil change, and they give you a G37 coupe to take home for the day. After experiencing that, why would you buy anything else?

I’ll give you a good example of no-nonsense software:

If there’s anything kinda funny you need to do in Windows, this guy has the program to do it—except block programs from going on the Internet…

Oh, and one more thing—the default scanner options exclude the Comodo program directory. Is it just me, or is this an unnecessary risk?

Hi there and welcome to the Comodo forums (:WAV),

I’ll be here to help you with your questions and problems.
Please note that I’m a Comodo Volenteer Moderator and that I’m a normal person like you. I’m not Comodo staff.

Stateful scanning means that it’s going to scan the files only that it hasn’t scanned before. For example : You update your IS. It will start blanc again and scan all the memory services, ones this is done and found legit, non-virus, they won’t be scanned again until the next database update. This way, you remain secured and you will not notice that your AV is even working.

If you only want Comodo to monitor your internet. You can disable Defense+. However, this is not advised ! It might be a bit intruding at first, but it will become more quiet after a while.

best regards,

Hi Pelesl,

No offense, but I must say your desire is… quite odd! Most fellows would like to have their fw works quietly at the back unless something out of the norm happens but you…

anyway, the simplest way to make it noisy is perhaps to turn on all the switches to full blast and all alert setting to maximum! like:

go to

Firewall → advanced → attack detection and check all the setting
Firewall → advanced → behavior setting → alert setting, check everything and set alert frequency level to veryhigh
Defense+ → advanced → general → Image execution control level → set it to Aggressive
Miscellaneous → setting → general → check everything


go to

Firewall → advanced → Network Security policy → Application rules, create a new rule like this:

  1. click “add”
  2. click “select” → File group → All Applications
  3. Click the “Add” at the bottom
  4. Set Action to “ASK”
  5. Protocol to “TCP or UDP” or “ICMP”
  6. set description to “Give me NOISE”
  7. Source address → any
  8. destination address → any
  9. ICMP Details —> any
  10. Click “Apply”
  11. Click “Apply” again
  12. use the “move up” button to advance this new rule to the top of the list
    13 click “OK” and it’s done.

and it will make enough noise every time anything wanted to connect to internet, that even a dead would wake up…

and oh, make sure you uncheck the “remember” every time you choose to allow or block and it won’t stop bombarding you then…

As for the slowness when come to updating virus database… the first time it update will be slow due to full download of signatures which runs into … well, big files cos there are about 6 million signatures now? However subsequent updates will be a lot more faster as it goes by incremental update.


Thanks for your comments. I will give the “ultra noisy mode” a try later.

I have to say so far for programs like iTunes, Firefox, Thunderbird, and a few others, Comodo warns me they are trying to connect to If I block them (with remember unchecked) they can’t connect to anything. So, as far as trying to find out where they are going, I can’t.

I also wish the only available theme followed windows standards… Right now the headers of lists and the lists itself are both white, which only adds to the confusion.

I suppose this is the Vista look?

Could you take a screenshot of it ? (How to create screenshots)

When you block an app, it’s normal that it will not connect. What do you expect/want ? :slight_smile:


I think what you want is

Firewall → Advanced → Firewall behavior Settings - General Settings → and choose Custom Policy Mode


Summary then click in the “Safe Mode” link and choose Custom Policy Mode

PS: Delete all the rules first.

Hi there pelesi,

You might want to be a little careful of this site. My Browser Defender toolbar went Red when i checked it out. The first Browser Defender detail page shows a lot of nasties…be careful.

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!ot! Guess the toolbar results summaries are fairly inaccurate. eg: Asterisk Logger a tool to see password hidden behind askerisks (******) in password-boxes got reposted as a virus but the corresponding Download Analysis for clearly states not-a-virus:PSWTool.Win32.AsterWin.a [Kaspersky Lab]

Another quick !ot! post: WOT rates this site as secure (and popular).

Sorry that we are jumping all over you! :stuck_out_tongue: