Mark all Posts as Read error

I’m having an issue with the “Mark Posts as read” button. This might also be related to the “Show Unread Posts” also.

Numerous times I have marked in a forum, for example, help for CAVS 3 or feedback comments about CAVS3 to mark all posts as read. This example works best in a board that gets few posts. If I log out, then log back in the next day some threads are marked as having new posts that actually haven’t had new posts. Some haven’t had new posts since October or November.

Sorry if this has been reported before.



It might be that the original poster has updated the topic…or a moderator has made some change.

Or, possibly some sync issue when Comodo switch to the alternate server for the forum.


Hi SSL_Guru, thanks for responding. I’ll check into that issue some more to see if it is the case that someone is modifying a post or if a mod. makes a change. I’ll post back here with any more info. I manage to find.