Maple 9.5

Maple 9.5 (not a recent version but a decent one) has two types of interface, a new and an old one. Both were working on my XP SP3 machine before installing Comodo.
Then I create a restore point and install Comodo.
After installing the new interface does not start, the java engine just dies after starting.
Disabled everything in Comodo, is not sufficient, Maple 9.5 new interface does not start.
Restoring the PCs at the state before Comodo and starting Maple 9.5 new interface, it works again.
Doing it twice with the same result.
A Maple file done with the new interface is not compatible with the old one, so lots of file would be lost without a solution.

On Google there is a discussion probably about that on a Czech forum ( Google "COMODO MAPLE 9.5) but I do not understand it.

Any idea?