mapi connectors

Hi, I like the idea of Comodo AntiSpam a lot, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.
I’m using a mapi connector for retrieving my mail (calendars, contacts, etc) from the mail server (Scalix Community Edition)
Could that be the problem ?

In other words, is Comodo AntiSpam supposed to work with mapi connectors and if not are there any plans for this ?

I would find , in my opinion, it hard for Comodo to do so since many Mapi’s allow customization\extensions of different aspects of outlook, etc…I would think CAS in fact would have to (morph) to every customization one could make. I don’t know if yours has the ability to set custom forms, etc…but this could in fact be the issue.



Honnestly I don’t know if it allows to set custom forms.

I thought mapi was just another (Microsoft) protocol and didn’t know customizations could make
it difficult to integrate with.

It used to be but now is even called extended MAPI, MS developers create programs for Outlook so that Mapi will work with other mail handlers, etc… , it can do much more than allow the different communication softwares to communicate. There is the basic Mapi to allow older apps to communicate integrated into the new Mapi but it is far more complex than it used to be. However you probably have the basic Mapi for sending and recieving. I don’t know all functions you may have but doubt that you have many at all.

I would say the Mapi problem may be that it won’t cooperate with CAS. Perhaps CAS is not recognized and you may have to create a rule for this but I will state what i think is the main problem in a bit. Mapi has to be compliant with an application in order to work or for the application to work. The biggest problem I see is that anti spam applications do not work with web based email. This is in fact where I think the issue is coming in. There is going to be some obvious whirlwind between the 3. If I was to integrate a web based mail with mapi, my anti-spam would no longer work correctly either which is the reason I don’t. Also, Scalix being open source, many don’t support anti-spam applications as 3rd party, but would have to in fact find a program that would. Getting into mapi and mail, servers. etc… can be a whole different subject perhaps as much as an OS itself. Quite mind boggling to say the least.

Hope this helps.