Many thanks Comodo

Thanks for excellent products (:LOV)

I agree. CFP is the best firewall product and and it is free! Thanks alot!

I agree too. Thank you for the great product.

I would love to also commend Comodo for superb product.
Even though in its formative stages, the f/w seems to be performing well.
Unfortunately, I am unable to post a new topic in the the help forum.
Sooo, I’ll do it here :slight_smile:
I am unable to disable Netbios and have tried for hours to do same…even checking the the Windows “how to” guide has not helped.
The problem is, I dont have the necessary tabs to navigate to the networking tab that Toggie mentioned in his post as did the Windows HELP lol.
I am running XP and have had this product going on a few days now but I am getting hammered by ports 137 and 138 by 2 separate IP addresses…hence NetBios communications…
In regards to the help forum…I don’t have the “NEW TOPIC” tab show in the firewall help section to be able to voice my cries for help!
HAND all and TIA to anyone that could help me :slight_smile:

Hello Byakuya…and TYVM for solving, although indirectly, my NEW TOPIC issue.
I feel I must explain that I had inadvertantly and unknowingly searched for the the buttons while I was not actually logged in!!! doh
By reading your reply, I realized that I HAVE to be logged in to be able to engage in the site’s activities. :-[
I have not met Ganda as of yet, but thank you very much for the referral.
Many thanks (V) …once again proving I AM lostincyberspace (:LGH)