Many sites get hacked

It worries me that so many websites get hacked. The hackers get access to accounts and passwords, e.g. from the site X. A potential risk is that many people have their e-mail address registered in their accounts at X, often with the same password everywhere. So if the hackers get access to X, they also get access to someone’s e-mail account. :frowning:

I’ve not been a member of any hacked site, until now. >:( Luckily I’m prepared, I have unique passwords at every single website. But unfortunately my passwords are similar and may be easy to break if someone wants to try. Why are they similar? Because it’s easy, but yet not the lowest level of security like most people have (identical passwords everywhere).

:-La Maybe the only way to go, soon, is to have completely unique passwords everywhere.


OpenID is a good initiative to address some of this issue.


That’s a very good point you make.I’ve lost count of the number of computers I’ve dealt with where one simple password covers everything ! Many people just want ease of use when it comes to online activity and that means an easy to remember password.

With regards to online registrations etc,there’s an excellent add-on for Firefox called Temporary Inbox,which can create short term addresses.