many many tabs

i do not like how multiple tabs are displayed when their number is very high. same problem opera, safari, chrome have.

i think firefox handles multiple tabs the best posible way : two zones appear that enable tabs to slide to the right/left so that the tab labels don’t get smallified to a degree that the tab name can’t be read.

what do you think ?

Personally I find the sliding Tab thing in Firefox to be very annoying along with a host of other things. One is the lack of something as simple as “Paste and Go” which Opera has had for at least 10 years. I could go on and on but this is not the place.

Nevertheless, If your a ‘Tabaholic’ like me, the best solution I’ve found so far for the Dragon, Iron and ChromePLUS is the extension called “Tab Menu.”



add a drop down arrow in the tab bar like firefox and at the bottom of the context menu a thing that says options to open a menu like “tab menu addon”