Many interruptions in installing typical cd application

I am trying to reinstall my webcam with the cd. when I first installed it on my desktop prior to my XP crash, it took about a minute…now with Comodo constantly interrupting the installation it almost took about an half hour. It asked for permission at least 15 to 20 times even though I have the box checked to remember. Now, i can’t get my webcam to work. Is this normal? Would this happen with other cd installations? Does that remember box work? This is my first attempt since I installed the free version of Comodo. :frowning:

During installation of trusted application from a CD it is not needed to check the remember checkbox.
In these cases it is necessary to activate CFP installation mode and treat the application as Installer/Updater.


There is only one version of Comodo and that is the free version. V-Smart is an extended warranty. I install things all the time with no troubles what so ever. First open up Comodo and click on “switch ti install mode” on the bottom. Close it out and run your installer. When done switch back to previous mode. Also once you launch your installer the first alert should be for Explorer.exe which you need to allow. Your second alert should be for the installer itself. Simply make that selection “treat as installer/updater”.