Many Firefox popups

After using Comodo 2.4 for a long time I switched to V3. But what a dissaster that was. If I try to connect to the Internet with Firefox, it does not matter what I click on the pop ups (ofcourse with remember my answer) they keep on coming. The pop ups never stops and so it is impossible to connect to the Internet. In version 2.4 you just accept Firefox as an application to connect and you are done. I could not find an answer to my problem, so I removed Comodo V3. For now I installed Net.Veda 3.8 (how nice and simple to give permission to programs to connect to the internet). Until I find a solution for my pop ups I cannot install Comodo any more. Maybe I must go back to version 2.4??

Hi Matcho,

It shouldn’t work like that, its probably a bug. I experienced the same on my brothers pc. I had to uninstall it. :frowning:
On my rig it works perfectly.