Manuel scan does not proof rootkits

I have activated online scanning and rootkit scanning.
When I scan “my computer” CIS proofs my two partitions for files and rootkits. So far everything ok.
Now I just created a new proof: Partition d:

When I run scanning partition d:, CIS doe not proof rootkits, though I have rootkit option enabled.

What am I doing wrong??? Can somebody help me please!!!



Did you reboot after you created the new partition?

CIS Antivirus has got for proofing:
my computer
critical spaces
looking for spyware

Here I added: scan for partition d: and I added partition d: for scanning.

Does it mean, that I have to reboot the PC after this???

Cis does not scan rootkits, only when I click :" my computer" it does a full scan

What can I do? I would not always scan my whole pc, it takes such a long time.

Help me please