manuals for products/one download

there should be one central place for all manuals…
(that being said i also need hard copies and dont have a printer- i live around the corner from C’s US HQ in jersey city- no reason why I cant get one)

also they should have ONE download for all the prods, not this peicemeal dribble stuff.

You are the person who wrote in asking if you could pop in to get a hard copy of a manual from us!

We don’t really have hard copies I am afraid :frowning:

But if you wish, i will get some printed for you and send it by post. Please let me know which ones you are interested.



thank you- comodo has now gone back up to a C+
i have the following C prods on my pc and dont understand how they work:
BO clean (how do i get it to scan?)
I-vault (how do i get this to do ANYTHING?)
launch pad (how do i get this to do ANYTHING?)

how do i give you my address without half the world knowing,8222.msg59694.html#msg59694

Let’s remember to stay on topic with the manual discussions.


lets remember to mind your own bisness.
i was replying to Melih who generously helped me.
unlike you.

Hey NYCBlond37… these people are our Comodo family members who volunteer to help the community. I would urge us all to respect them please.

thank you for you understanding.


I would recommend you setup the firewall and Boclean first and leave the rest of the products for the time being.

BOClean is always on alert so it never has to do scan, its in memory all the time.

I think you are new to these kind of security products, so I would recommend to take one at a time learn how it works, then move onto next…

and oh btw… I ain’t answering anything else unless we get A+ :slight_smile: (he he)


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