Manually running application installed in sandbox does not run sandboxed

If I install an application in sandbox then I go to VTRoot folder and run, it does not run sandbox as I expected.
Do I have something wrong? or this is normal?

If you are in the Kiosk the application will run fully virtualized as expected.

If you are on the real computer you can right click on any application and choose to run it in the sandbox.

However, if you are on the real computer and you just double click on any application to run it, it will automatically run on the real computer, regardless of which folder the application was in. You need to run it one of the two ways above in order for it to run fully virtualized. However, that file will not be able to run itself on the real computer automatically.

Does that answer your question?


When I right click a file in VTRoot folder (comodo virtual folder) and choose “run in comdo sandbox” it won’t run at all.
So I can’t test a software by running it in comodo sandbox. I’m used to Sandboxie and I thought comodo do the same thing.
Thank you.

Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never heard of anyone trying to manually run a file in the FV (fully virtualized) sandbox by right-clicking on it and selecting run in Comodo sandbox.

The issue here is that the VTRoot folder is really only meant to be used by the FV sandbox. Technically it’s not even meant for you to access the files in it from the real computer. Thus, I believe what you’re experiencing is due to you trying to use the FV sandbox slightly different than they had expected.

You can probably move the files you want to test somewhere else on the computer and then right-click on them to manually run them in the FV sandbox. Also, if you like, you can file a bug report for this as I believe this likely qualifies as a bug. If you do decide to file a bug report please see this post.


Now I understand how comodo sandbox works. I can run already installed software in the sandbox, but I can’t install a software in the sandbox and then run it sandboxed.
Kiosk can do the job.It let me install and run virtualized.
Thank you.

Glad to hear that works for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions.