Manually launching Comodo Firewall - Configuration

??? How can I configure the firewall, when launched manually, to open to the system tray only? I do not need the main application window to open when launched. I only need the firewall running when I connect to the Internet (go online). I don’t need the firewall while offline. Thanks. :wink:

To get that result I would edit the shortcut to CIS and tell it to start minimized.

I assume you only disabled cfp.exe from starting with Windows. Is that correct?

Sure … I could modify the shortcut to minimize. What this will do is show Comodo not only in the system tray but in the Task Bar at the bottom. Don’t need it in the task bar. All I want is have Comodo firewall, when started manually, be in the system tray. Then, if necessary, I can open the firewall via the system tray. Anyway, thanks for the response.

I can’t think of a solution for your request.

Since you are running Firewall only (no AV) then just let it start with Windows; it is light on resources so you will hardly notice it.

Ok fine. I thought that there was switch you could add to the end of the exe (cfp.exe) “/ ” that would allow it to open and be added to the systray onlly. Oh well. Thanks anyway.