Manually Download "Internet Security Essentials" & Secure Shopping?

Is there any way to download & install “Internet Security Essentials” & COMODO Secure Shopping?

Secure shopping definitely cannot be installed as standalone, and I don’t see any place to install ISE standalone either. If CIS/CAV/CFW is uninstalled, then it seems ISE must be uninstalled (and reinstalled), based on the posts of this page: However, on my desktop, I uninstalled CIS 10 and replaced with CFW 10 without uninstalling the Secure Shopping, and the Secure Shopping still seems to work (just no option to choose when to show an alert to open in S.S. environment).

So if you want to use S.S. with version 8.4, which kind of works with new Windows build, you could try to install CIS 10, uninstall but keep S.S., then install CIS 8.4. Not sure if the ISE will work though.