When there will be a normal translated inquiry built in the program, instead of the link to page on the Internet?

Hello Black Star,

When you visit the online guide you can see that there is a PDF Guide and you can easily download this to your pc.

Direct link:

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Geez, how hard could it be to include that file in the installer so you wouldn’t have to be “connected” to view it? ???

+1 :-TU

Not everyone is connected at all times. And what if the user is having connection issues and wants to look at the help file to help troubleshoot the issue? Well, the online help file isn’t much help now, is it? 88)

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+1 on having an off line manual.

+1 on having an off line manual.


Hopefully version 5.1 will be offline help and translated into different languages.

Regarding off-line Manual. Make it optional during download or install.

A proper offline manual would be nice, but optional? No… how big will it be, 500kb, 1MB? Don’t bother with such small sizes. If they are included in the installer it wouldn’t make no sense to then exclude such a helpful document.