Manual Update

I surely know this have been suggested many times by other users still i am suggesting again

Please Include option for manual update CIS , i know CIS only provide 1 100MB update monthly or so still people like me use CIS on many pc’s which dont have direct net connection nor can connect to net

Please inc operate this feature in CIS 5.8 Release version or in nxt major version


If you go to CIS > More > Preferences > Uncheck “Automatically Check for Updates” > OK
This will disable Automatic Program Updates thus it will be up to you to check for new versions

To disable AV Updates thus will be up to you to check for updates for newer database versions
CIS > AV > Scanner Settings > Uncheck “Automatically update virus database” > Manual Scaning > uncheck “Automatically update virus database before scanning” > Scheduled Scanning > uncheck “Automatically update virus database before scanning” > OK

Hope this helps

sir , i know how to disable notification and disable auto update, sry for my bad english . What i ment is like many other Antvirus which provide option to manually update definitions ie download virus database/definitions from pc which have Net and install database/definitions on pc’s which dont have net [eg for avg and avira have option to download update database/definitions from their website and install manually

edit database i mean is update definitions below is link of avg (not sure posting outside link is against Rules , mods can edit it Free Antivirus Download for PC | AVG Virus Protection Software]

thank u for reading


Does this Where can i download the latest full AV database?

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