Manual update is so lame!

Will Comodo developers ever get around to repairing the manual update process? I never do auto updates because I like to maintain a full copy of the current install release in a specific location on my system, which the auto update process doesn’t allow me to do. AND I like ot have control of updates anyway.

  1. You can’t install an update until you first do an uninstall of the old version. There is no notification of this until you are part way into installing the new version. THEN you get a message that you have to uninstall the old version first.

So you terminate the attempt to install the new version and then have to go to Add/Remove programs to do the uninstall.

WHY can’t Comodo offer to do this from with in the new install as so many other vendors do?

  1. Then, after the old version uninstall, you will not have any firewall active AND you have to reboot without a firewall active until you get the new version running.

So you should FIRST unplug your net connection before beginning the Comodo firewall uninstall process.

At the least, Comodo should turn on the Windows firewall until the new version is installed.

  1. Then there is the problem with exporting and importing firewall settings.

I tired exporting my firewall settings so that I could import them after installing the new version and not have to answer any of the new prompts that would normally display with a new version as Comodo relearns everything.

But UNFORTUNATELY, the uninstall process totally erases the folder where settings are saved, WITHOUT any confirmation to the user! I had discovered this in the past, so this time, I copied the settings to another folder for safe keeping.

Upon getting the new version back up and running, I recreated the settings folder and copied my saved Comodo settings back to it. Then I reimported them into Comodo. BUT I shouldn’t have wasted my time. While the import seemed to work (there were no error msgs produced), NOTHING got updated. I had to change some of the parameters I always adjust manually and I got all the prompts I usually get. So importing doesn’t seem to work.

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