Manual Update Error

I just installed Comodo Firewall When I attempt a manual update, I receive this error:

“Error 106: Could not complete update process”.

No other information is provided. I am using Windows XP and have broadband via cable modem. I am using NOD32 for AntiVirus.

Can anyone suggest a reason this may be happening?


Hey lgregmiller,

Error 106 occurs because cpfupdat.exe isn’t allowed to access Internet.
Open up CPF interface, Secuirty->Application Monitor, then look if there’s something named cpfupdat.exe, and if it says ‘Block’ or ‘Allow’. If there’s no rule for cpfupdat.exe, add one by clickinh ‘Add’ in the upper menu, browse to the location of cpfupdat.exe, usually in “\Program files\Comodo\Firewall\cpfupdat.exe”, and then check either ‘Skip parent check’ or ‘Learn parent’. Then apply the following criteria:

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: IN/OUT

Hope it helps.


Unfortunately, even after I allow cpfupdat.exe to access the internet as you instructed, I am still receiving the Error 106 message. Something else is wrong. I wonder if automatic updates will be possible.

It might also mean that the server is busy, so you could try to update in about 1 hour and see if it works.
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