Manual scans abort; scheduled scans are not running

User has, all updates are there. NO issue with getting updates. But trying to execute a manual scan on any file or folder shows the scan aborts just after the
scan window comes up. Also, regular scheduled daily quick scans stopped running, and the scheduled weekly scan no longer runs either. Tried searching the forums and web for any answer. Unable to find anything. Anybody seen this before?


Check the CisDumps folder in ProgramData\Comodo directory to see if any of CIS processes are crashing, also check the windows event log for any error events around the time the scan aborts.

Thanks, futuretech. I’ll do those things and post back with the findings.

It’s usually a sign that ‘cavwp.exe’ process gets terminated / exits unexpectedly.

Sorry, got side tracked with other issues. For this system, nothing seems to fix the issue. Will just have to try a full uninstall and remove the artifacts and go ahead and try to install V10 and see if that works. It’s a mystery!

Thanks anyway.