Manual scan not showing in context menu in my File manager?

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I hope i made this thread in the correct forum, but if not then please move it to the correct forum.

Now to explain my problem. :slight_smile: For quit a while i have been using the File manager Cubic Explorer.


And i really like it, and i would like to continue using it. But there is a slight problem…i installed the latest CIS this afternoon and i noticed that if i right click on a file i have downloaded in Cubic Explorer, that i have no option to manually scan that file or files. I do not get the option “Scan with COMODO antivirus”?

My previous AV ( Avast ) did show the option to scan with avast in the context menu, but not Comodo? Did something go wrong during installation of CIS? ( I followed Chirons guide to install Comodo Firewall. )

EDIT: I just made a thread about this on the Forums from Cubic Explorer, just incase. :slight_smile: