manual sandboxing flaws

When do manual sandboxing with everything virtualized - checked all - then why some keys are still can be putted into real reg. hives? This is really weird to find some unexisting services or whatever.
I need to know does manual sandboxing allows changing the real hives keys not only creating new ones?

Why the real one registry is full of leftovers when I need full virt session on exe even if pseudo-made/mode (in s/w) virtualization? Why real and virtual hives mixed after execution in sandbox?

Need complete description of how this so-called forced manual virtualization works on registry if there’s still leftovers! One side is garbage, but other - can real keys be changed by virtualized? substituted?

And else - how these 2 options
Automatically detect the installers / updaters and run them outside the Sandbox
Automatically trust the files from the trusted installers

affect Run a Program in the Sandbox or by RMB click.
I think they should not work for manual sandboxing or at least one of them. However this can explain flaw of registry leftovers after manually sandboxed apps - this is a bug in logic then.

With CIS you cannot install programs in the sandbox.

About what scenario are we talking here?

Move it to bugs

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RMB->sandbox the desired exe that’s either signed or not and have all the bunch of installer’s features like driver manipulations registry modifications etc.
File virtualization works but registry doesn’t. As it is said in the very 1st post.
Anyway i made a post in bugs so testers can check it.

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I guess CIS manual sandbox too still is not full virtualization, right? This is going to be in version 6, right?


The manual sandbox is fully virtualized.