Manual Sandbox

Now that the comodo sandbox is getting better and cis is becoming more popular would it be possible for comodo to turn the manual sandbox into a full sandbox like sandboxie. This would be great for people that want to run their browsers sandboxed or test certain unknown programs. this would be a great compliment to the auto sandbox and give comodo an advantage because it will have both types of sandbox. i dont know if this is possible for comodo to do but if it is then it would be great if they implemented it

what do you guys think?

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More and more people are asking this. i hope comodo listens.
here is a starting point

also add the ability to to predefine what programs you always want to be sandboxed. this way i could configure my family’s computer to always start their browser or any other program in the sandbox.

also allow comodo to use all of it’s other defenses inside this sandbox and outside of the sandbox

It already has this capability. Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Always Sandbox.

you’re right it does. the sad thing is i knew about it but forgot lol. the last time i tried it, the browser didn’t launch. do you know if they’ve fixed this.

also do you know if the browser is sandboxed, can malicious code still make changes to the browser that will stay after the browser is closed and restarted in non sandbox or in sandbox

Which browser, and what restriction level did you set it for? I’ve only done very cursory testing with the sandbox because I use Sandboxie, but I know that I’ve run both IE and Firefox in the sandbox just fine. I think they were set to restricted, but I can’t be certain. That was months ago.

Again, I haven’t used the sandbox enough to know for sure, but since sandboxed applications are given an entire separate directory from the non-sandboxed app, I wouldn’t think any changes made in the sandboxed app would impact the non-sandboxed app, but I can’t say for sure. I don’t know when/if the contents of the sandbox are cleared, so I have no idea if changes made to the sandboxed app will be affected from session to session.

In terms of usability, the priority should be a way to recover the files from the sandbox to the real system. Something like the “quick recovery”, from sandboxie. It is very practical.

Retrieving files manually from “VritualRoot”, is excruciating, and for the Manual Sandbox to get higher acceptance this should be addressed.

Virtualization should be a priority for Comodo. Giving an other layer of protection in a superb prevention product.

I just use the anti-virus because it is not heavy on the system.